Do You Need To Go To A Gym To Get Fit?

bodybuildingTo say that you want to lose weight is easier said than done especially if you have to pay for fees to join a gym.  Although some have special packages and discount offers it can still add to your expenses.  You also need to spend time to travel to the gym but if it is nearby then that is of no issue.  The point is do you really have to go to a gym to get fit?

Workout on Your Own

I myself have lost weight with my daily exercises at home.  I followed the schedule I created for my workout when I got home from the office.  I lost about 10 lbs.   Of course, apart from the workout I had to change my diet around a little.  During that time I ate brown rice, oat meal, fruits like apple and banana, wheat bread and vegetable salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing.

However, to do a workout on your own you need to do a little research about different exercises.  There are lots of new fitness equipment and products available now in the market.  These tools, accessories or gadgets will motivate you to do your every other day exercises and make it more interesting.

To guide you in your workout, DVDs and CDs are an essential purchase and they are available in various stores as well.  Exercising is fun and more challenging when you do it at home but you have to be sure that what you are doing is correct and appropriate.  There are also books that you can read about different exercises for beginners that suggest proper equipment to use.

No Matter Where

My cousin who owns a gym told me that by going to a gym to stay fit was like going to school.  The instructor will guide you and teach you how to exercise properly with the necessary equipment.  A healthy exercise program will be followed to gradually achieve the goal of losing weight.  For busy people who don’t have time to buy fitness equipment, or doesn’t have the motivation to do the workout alone and doesn’t have a spacious area at home, then the gym is the best venue.

Being fit can be attained and maintained if you are diligent, focused, and result-oriented.  Wherever you do the workout or exercises really doesn’t matter.  Whether you do it at a gym or at home, being equipped with determination and motivation are all that matters.


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